Neverland ist in einer Podcastfolge von Röstoff zu sehen

Neverland lands in the podcast Röstoff by Peter Smits

Podcasts are food for the soul, and Röstoff ticks a lot of our boxes when it comes to great entertainment from people in the fine dining scene. Their freshly released 1st anniversary episode hosted by Peter Smits and Ilona Scholl is another great listen - and not just because we're on it.

Featuring at 1:17:00, our friend and Tulus Lotrek sommelier Felix Fuchs (who is our sparring partner for the cuvée prestige En l'Enfer) spotlights different Sauvignon Blancs styles from France, New Zealand and Germany - and Neverland's Eden is one of them.

Tune in here and listen to the full conversation for your dose of wine and creative inspiration.

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