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Neverland is more than just about wine. It captures the rebellious spirit of two brothers - Sebastian and Marcel Class - and their dream to create incredible journeys for the palate.

With vineyards nestled in the midst of Rheinhessen - an area with one of the highest limestone concentrations in the region - the Class brothers represent the 11th generation of winemakers in their family. Inspired by the free spirit of Peter Pan and the mythical island of Neverland from their childhood, Sebastian and Marcel have been vinifying organic wines since 2013.

For the brothers, grapes are more than just about taste. They are letters in their language, their homeland. The understanding of this language exists beyond a mother tongue and nationality. It is a language of harmony, tension, terroir and elegance. This is how the wines are understood not only in Mainz and Berlin, but also in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Seattle.

The vineyards are certified organic, and the principles of biodynamic viticulture are also applied in order to work with - and not against - nature in the best possible way. The grapes are gently and selectively harvested by hand, then pressed in the press house and fermented spontaneously with their own yeasts, which occur in the vineyard and cellar climate. Before bottling, the young wines clarify naturally: through time. All actions are based on the principle: as little intervention as possible but as much as necessary.

With this philosophy, the brothers vinify lively wines that carry the microclimate of their location and the year of their harvest.

Sebastian Class

Sebastian takes care of the final cuvées, sales and selective hand-picking during the wine harvest. He's often seen traveling between the UK, Italy and Malta outside of the harvest and bottling.

Favourite wine: 2019 Neverland Blanc

Marcel Class

Marcel takes care of the vines and the wine cellar. He is usually on the road in the winery and tries to prepare as best as possible to the respective weather conditions of the vintage in the vineyard, while giving the vines the opportunity to develop their own adaptations.

Favourite wine: Jurassic Sands Sauvignon Blanc

Julia Class

Julia has been in Vendersheim since 2008 and has been our haven of peace since day one. She supports us in the daily challenges in the office and takes care of events and our hotel guests at Hofgut Donnersberg.

Favourite wine: En L'Enfer Cuvée Prestige 2018

Our wines offer a precise taste and unforgettable adventures on the palate

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