Geography, year, people.

These three elements not only characterize our lively wines, but also influence each other.


We come from Vendersheim . Up until 50,000 years ago, the village was on the banks of the mighty river Rhine, but then it changed its course and has been flowing through Mainz ever since. The river has left its traces in the form of one of the high limestone content in Rheinhessen on the former banks, which characterize our soils in Vendersheim and Wolfsheim (calcareous marl, limestone, shell limestone). These terroirs and the unique micro climates in our vineyards give our wines an unmistakable straightforwardness and coolness.


With the 2012 vintage we started transforming the idea of ​​Neverland into a reality. Since then, there have been some extreme and challenging vintages. The highlights include 2017 with late frost and the heat records in 2016 and 2018. Every year we try to give our vines the chance to adapt to the weather conditions through minimalistic interventions. As a result, the grapes perfectly reflect the respective vintage.


Wine would not come into being without man, yet how far man allows nature and his own nature to express itself depends heavily on the personality of the people involved. In the vineyards, we work with organic certification and also apply the principles of biodynamic viticulture in order to work with - and not against - nature in the best possible way.

Our wines are carefully and selectively harvested by hand. We ferment spontaneously with their own yeasts. Before bottling, our young wines clarify naturally, over time. All processes run according to the principle of as little intervention as possible, but as much as necessary.

We want lively wines that carry their origin and the year they were harvested, but also wish to show more than one dimension. Grapes have fascinated us since childhood, and are more than just a taste for us - they are our language, our homeland.

Since the beginning of our journey, we have occasionally noticed that some of our clients also have an idea not only about drinking wine, but also about their own balance and expression. They often see different facets and harmonies between individual barrels than we do.

This had led to wine jam sessions in our vinotheque, throug which have already produced a number of cuvée prestige that have enabled other wine drinkers to enjoy unique wine experiences and got inspired.

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