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6 bottles PreView

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Our PreView package consists of 6 bottles of 0.75l each:

  • GOT (Good Old Times) 2021 13% alcohol
  • Jurassic Sands Sauvignon Blanc 2022 12.5% alcohol
  • Class A Pinot Gris vom Kalkmergel 2021 13% alcohol
  • Class A Pinot Gris vom Kalkriff 2020 13.5% alcohol
  • L'Étoile de Rosés 2019 13% alcohol
  • Weissburgunder C Mineral 2021 12.5% alcohol

2021 GOT (Good Old Times) dry organic* 

Our first wine ever made draws new energy from a vine treasure that was thought lost by uniting a few forgotten talents in an expressive constellation.

GOT (Good Old Times) is our homage to four archetypal strains, which make a brilliant comeback with this white blend. This is how an intensive flirt between the bizarre fruitiness of Huxel and Scheu with the voluminous spice of the Bacchus vine comes into the glass. The pleasurable liaison unfolds an impressive dynamic on the palate due to the additionally fired love arrows of the Traminer. She plays her strength confidently, elegantly and of course bone dry.

2022 Jurassic Sands Sauvignon Blanc dry**

In 2019 and 2021 we were able to purchase a small plot of an older Sauvignon Blanc vineyard. The vines are currently in the process of converting to organic viticulture. The first grapes were very promising. We relied on an early and a later reading time and thus the full potential from 2022 in two selective ones

Deposits from the Jurassic period have significantly shaped these soils. Various sands from the original Rhine, on whose former bank Vendersheim lies, were deposited in the Sauvignon Blanc location. This characterizes our Sauvignon Blanc.

Green aromas such as freshly cut grass and gooseberries make the 2022 vintage incredibly invigorating, but there are also hints of ripe passion fruit and stone fruit on the nose and palate. A subtle saltiness and well-integrated acidity bring the drinking flow here to Niagara Falls level. Subtle elegance that is already a lot of fun for us.

2021 Class A Pinot Gris vom Kalkmergel dry organic*

Our Class A Grauburgunder vom Kalkmergel (lime marl) draws on both the enormous structure of the Pinot Gris grapes as well as on its mineral location, the lime marl soil of its home in Vendersheim. Here we bring together reductive and oxidative facets from the vineyard at their extremes, presenting a wine that combines no less than five Pinot Gris styles in a unique balance.

The result is a Pinot Gris like a white water rafting tour on the palate - wet, wild, and breathtakingly elegant, keeping all of your senses on edge. When you're done with the first round, you'll want more. A multifaceted pioneer.

2020 Class A Pinot Gris vom Kalkriff Handwerk dry organic*

Our Class A Grauburgunder vom Kalkriff (limestone reef) draws on the enormous mineral structure of a cool south-west location and shows what a true pioneering spirit is all about.

We bring together reductive and oxidative facets, which we take from the vineyard into the wine cellar at their extremes, presenting a wine that combines no less than five Pinot Gris styles in a unique balance. The result is a Pinot Gris from Neverland, a multifaceted pioneer.

We like to call him an elephant on tiptoe because it appears elegant and structured at first. With a mouth-blown glass, as well as heat and time, he turns up like a herd of elephants in a sprint.

2019 L'Étoile des Rosés dry organic* 

A potent rosé made from Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon
This rosé had what it took to become a real red wine. This is not about extracting the juice from our red wine, but rather about whole-cluster pressing of potent red wine grapes. Sensual fruit reminiscent of green gooseberries, strawberries and lychee, but at the same time dry.

2021 Weissburgunder Mineral dry organic*

Pinot Blanc as it can and should be. 2018 and 2020 were already revelations and the 2021 vintage shows a little more grip on the palate. This is not an undefined mainstream Pinot Blanc, but the result of consistently implemented organic work in the vineyard and gentle hand-picking. Here we have a prime example of a Pinot Blanc that is fun but also has a high level of taste and quality. Completely matured in steel tanks, we bring the terroir and fully ripe but not overripe Pinot Blanc grapes to the palate.


*German quality wine, contains sulphites, organically certified according to DE-ÖKO-039
**German quality wine, contains sulphites

Vintages in pictures may vary. The year specified in the article text or heading applies.

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